• Black Bear in Autumn

    "Black Bear in Autumn"

  • Kissing Moose

    "Kissing Moose"

  • Mt Katahdin Sunrise from Sunday Pond

    "Mt Katahdin Sunrise from Sunday Pond"

  • Katahdin from Pockwockamus Pond

    "Katahdin from Pockwockamus Pond"

  • The Splasher Bull Moose

    "The Splasher Bull Moose"

  • Misty Millinocket Lake, Maine

    "Misty Millinocket Lake"

  • Mt Katahdin from the Cribworks Winter

    "Mt Katahdin from the Cribworks Winter"

  • Mt Katahdin from the Cribworks Summer

    "Mt Katahdin from the Cribworks Summer"

  • Triplet Moose Calves

    "Triplet Moose Calves"

  • Katahdin Rainbow

    "Katahdin Rainbow"

  • Cow Moose and Reflection

    "Cow Moose and Reflection"

  • Three Moose in Autumn

    "Three Moose in Autumn"

  • Bull Moose in Red

    "Bull Moose in Red"

  • Mt Katahdin from Abol Falls Autumn

    "Mt Katahdin from Abol Falls Autumn"

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