Custom Post-Processing and Printing Services from Your Image Files

Custom Post Processing and Print Services


NEW! Post-processing and Printing Services from your own image files! Our goal is to provide photographers with the best possible fine art prints of their work. We use state-of-the-art, color calibrated post-processing digital imaging workflow to produce the finest prints possible on both archival paper and canvas. This is the same post-processing workflow used to produce the fine artwork shown in the Mark Picard Moose Prints Gallery.

Post-Processing Services

The first and most important step is to create a Master TIFF Digital File from your original camera RAW or JPEG image file. The master file is post-processed to optimize your camera file. Custom software is used to render prints that will highlight your work including precise color calibration, Adobe Camera Raw work, Photoshop steps, plug-in software image enhancement including the NIK Collection and others.   Prints of any size, from small to very large, can then be generated from this file.  The one-time fee for this post-processing service is $45 per image file.

If you prefer to do the printing yourself and just need the Master TIFF Digital File we can supply you with the master plus 4 different print ready files sized to your specifications. These additional files will then undergo the final step in post-processing output sharpening for each individual print size. The fee for this service is $12.00 for up to four print ready files. If you choose this option we will also provide an 800 pixel (on the long side) JPEG image suitable for use on the Internet at no charge.

Once post-processing is complete Digital files will be sent to you via Dropbox, a free, safe and secure internet file sharing service. Dropbox is fast, efficient, and easy to set up. In addition to sending you your files, we will keep a copy in our studio for a 1 year period. This will not only serve as an insurance policy in case you lose the file or have a computer drive crash, it will make future transactions easier should you need to print more copies.

Custom Printing Services

Archival pigment inks are applied to high quality photographic papers and canvases that are rated with an archival lifespan of 150 years! All of our prints and canvases are produced in house at our Maine studio on a Epson Pro 9900 printer. With a wide print bed this printer is capable of making prints up to 44″ wide by 40′ long.

Fine art prints are cured and then shipped rolled and tubed. Canvas wrapped prints are stretched on professional quality wooden stretcher bars, and then coated with a protective museum quality UV resistant clear coating. We also provide hardware pre-attached to the back of the wrapped canvas, ready for hanging.


E-mail us at or call us at 207-447-6906 for more details or with any questions you might have about either our post-processing or print services. We can also print custom size images as well as panoramas (multiple images combined) either from your files or create a file for you from your supplied in camera images to be printed on either paper or canvas.