Spring in Maine’s North Woods

Katahdin from the ATIt has been an unusually long Winter in Maine’s North Woods (compared to recent years) with another three inches of snow falling just last week. Making the most of the extended Winter, Mark has been photographing the ever changing Katahdin landscape. His newest image provides a view of Katahdin from the Appalachian Trail with its snow capped peak. The locals will tell you, as long as there is snow on the mountain it will remain chilly in town – and it has been chilly.

Cow Moose Licking SaltA sign that Spring has technically arrived though are the numerous sightings of Moose licking salt along the roadsides, a behavior that not only tells us we need to take extra care when traveling but that the Moose are starting to move around in search for depleted nutrients after a long Winter.

Here in the gallery we have also been making the most of the extended Winter. For starters, we tackled creating a new website. The old website needed to be more user friendly, which also meant creating a mobile friendly version. Visit www.markpicard.com on your mobile device and find icons that link to basic web functions, a full site option, or choose to browse the mobile friendly version – either way, we have an all new look.

Once the new website went live, preparations began for our premier at the New England Products Wholesale Trade Show which took place in late March. The show was a success as we visited with existing re-sellers and added several new locations that will carry Mark’s photographs in the coming year. Look for a list (with links) to resellers on the new site and when visiting their respective shops, be sure to check out Mark’s latest images.

Over the next several weeks we will be getting Moose Prints Gallery ready for the upcoming season and on nicer days we will be out photographing and scouting for Moose and other wildlife. It is always exciting to find which ponds are attracting Moose in a particular year, which fox dens are active and where nesting birds begin to construct their seasonal homes.

We hope this newsletter finds you all well and that we see you in the woods, Mark and Anita